Good planning as a basis

“The component design is the cradle of economical series production.”
(CEO Raphael Herzog)

We follow this guiding principle and develop with foresight in order to guarantee an economical manufacturing process. Each individual step in the process is based on sophisticated project planning, so that an idea can quickly become a resilient, mature product.

Our process thinking is the foundation on which we base our many years of experience in the transfer of components and production steps from the development phase into the series process.

Based on systematic analysis and definition of customer-specific requirements, we develop effective and safer process chains as an engineering service provider. We explore the limits of what is technically feasible, taking into account both established and the latest manufacturing technologies.

  • Capacity planning
  • Cycle time and process analyses
  • Creation of production layouts
  • Project planning of special processes and systems
  • Chaining of multi-stage manufacturing processes
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