Technical perfection in the vehicle

We are, so to speak, the balancing shaft for smooth running of your development engine.
(CEO Raphael Herzog)

In the automotive sector, you need a partner at your side who gets things moving. For example, our engineers use their expertise to actually achieve ambitious drive consumption targets.
In the case of the chassis and transmission, we also contribute in our engineering office with extensive experience in construction to minimizing friction losses and increasing efficiency.
As a provider of engineering services, our daily work in the automotive sector always follows a consistent line:
We promote the development and implementation of solutions for consistent lightweight construction and resource conservation.
Whether in the classic car and commercial vehicle sector or in applications in the marine, military and special vehicle sectors – we stand for excellent solutions and move them!

M270 Lanchester Module
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MTZ technical article
partial bearing shaft –
Development of a lightweight balancer shaft

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MTZ technical article
The new four-cylinder petrol engines from Mercedes Benz

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