Simulation makes the future visible

The virtual FE simulation, also known as FEM analysis or FE analysis, is a structural analysis that lays the foundation for optimizing function, dead weight and manufacturing costs even before the first components are manufactured. Using a CAD model, the components are exposed to complex load situations in terms of structure, vibration and temperature during finite element analysis.

Why do we do this?

This gives us an excellent basis for a reliable finite element calculation (FE calculation) and we exploit the full optimization potential through the sophisticated FEA simulation, especially with the consistent lightweight construction of components. The simulation acts as a load analysis and enables the engineer to develop a success-oriented topology.

The functional design of prototypes that is possible as a result is a crucial building block for the economic implementation of the test phase.

As a competent service provider, we have already carried out such simulations for numerous customers from a wide variety of sectors with consistently great success.

  • Determination of dynamic forces
  • Finite Element Analysis (FE Analysis)
  • Modal analysis
  • topology optimization
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