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For anticipatory testing of their properties, we manufacture the first sample parts and prototypes(prototype construction) long before series production starts at the manufacturer. Here, our engineers use the latest manufacturing processes such as 3D machining. Using the appropriate CAD/CAM coupling, rapid conversion from the CAD model to the real component is possible. Through the efficient combination of other individual processes, such as laser welding, eroding, grinding, we create small series for testing, testing and validation.

For us as a service provider, precise evaluations using the most modern 3D coordinate measuring machine are just as much a part of the recognized standards as our extensive laboratory equipment.

Short distances and a lean organizational structure enable maximum flexibility and the shortest possible response times. For us, the production of prototypes is always the basis for extensive production solutions – whether single part production or series production – this is where we make the difference! As an engineering partner, we take the next step towards a successful development goal with you.

Make our advantage your advantage and rely on prototypes that meet the highest requirements!

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